Central Piedmont Investment Group Successfully Exits Investment in Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen

In May of 2016, Central Piedmont Investment Group (CPIG) began working with Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen. CPIG invested in the business, and Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen used the capital to start their Downtown Macon brewery and restaurant. As it stands, Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen is the first investment of CPIG that was able to buy the shares held by CPIG back, fully exiting the investment. This is a sign of prosperity in their business as well as the revitalization energy happening in Downtown Macon and surrounding areas.

“The partners at CPIG want to help founders launch and grow their businesses by investing funds, but also by sharing experience that they have gained from their own businesses and lives. We are proud to have had a hand in helping Brian Whitley and Richie Jones launch their wildly successful Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen. We look forward to continuing to see crowds pack their place daily!” said Bob Easter, Managing Director of Central Piedmont Investment Group.

CPIG seeks to stimulate business in the area and flood funds back into the local economy by jumpstarting investment and new business opportunities. The goal is not to own any of the companies, but merely aide in their inception. Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen and CPIG have formed a successful relationship by bringing business, jobs, and entertainment to Downtown Macon.

“When Richie and I were raising the necessary capital to open Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen, we were thrilled to meet the folks at Central Piedmont Investment Group. They are a talented and diverse group of professionals who not only helped us with capital investment, but also used their talents and resources to help get us off of the ground. Three years later, we have been able to repay their investment plus a return, giving them the additional resources to go out and help others with big dreams like we had in 2017,” said Brian Whitley, Co-Founder of Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen.

Founded in 2017, Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen prides itself on being a family-friendly environment where the young and young-at-heart can relax and have a great time with their friends and family. Piedmont offers both familiar beer styles as well as cutting edge experimental beer styles with unique ingredients and the newest/freshest hop varieties. The kitchen is a nearly 100% scratch kitchen that uses high-quality ingredients.

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